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1 AllSlots Casino 100% up to $2000 Read review
2 RoxyPalace 100% up to $1000 Read review
3 100% up to $2000 Read review
4 William Hill 100% up to €777 Read review
5 Mansion 100% up to €10 Read review
Top Online Casinos
Casino Bonus
Millionaire 100% upto $2000
AllSlots Casino 100% upto $1000
Cherry Red 100% upto $777
Online Vegas 100% upto $500
Rushmore 100% upto $500
All Stars Slots 100% upto $400
Sloto'Cash 100% upto $200
Latest Jackpot Winners
Player Casino Amount
Riccardo G. Rushmore $14,151.50
Sharon W. Rushmore $9,525.00
David P. Rushmore $9,355.00
Donald R. Rushmore $6,250.00
Online Casino Games


BlackJack is a game of knowhow and chance against the dealer. The classic 21 game in brasil has been improved...



Have you always wanted to play a real classic amongst online casino games? Understand the house edge...



Play video poker at one of the greatest online casinos around. The possibilities are endless and fairness...



Dice games have existed for centuries and provide a great time spent in any gambling hall...



A norwegian website provides the best odds for sportsbetting.



Keno is a niche game not played by everyone but those who enjoy playing it, become almost addicted to the game...



Playing online slots is the best and the most profitable game an online casino can offer to it's players.



Play bingo games with a variety of forms, bingo tables and thousands of other players and gamblers as well...



There are a lot of good online casinos that earn the customer's trust through their seriousness and make online gambling easy and entertaining.

Unfortunately, there are always black sheep. These unscrupulous online casinos are exploiting players and seeking short-term profit.

Fraudulent online casino generally use the following tricks to beat slingo bonus codes:

1. Rogue Casinos Use Fraudulent Software: In the worst online casinos, the Random Number Generator has been programmed so that the gameplay is not really random. Players who gamble in such a casino have no chance of winning from the beginning.

2. Rogue casinos use a fraudulent demo / fun version of the software: a variant of item 1, where the real money version is random and correct, but the demo / fun version pays more than average to the player. The fun mode at all online casinos is a great way to test the various games of the casino for free and thus get to know the software. However, if the demo version pays more than the real money version, some players are forced to deposit and then disappointed.

3. Bad casinos invent unrealistic bonus terms in order not to pay bonuses to players. Often these are bonus terms that were not clearly formulated by the casino from the outset. Or there are so many strange rules that no normal person can meet. Unfortunately, this tactic often works because most players do not read the bonus terms before depositing on one of these bad casinos.

4. Bad casinos use spam methods and send unwanted advertising emails.
Of course, some casinos do not use all these ways to cheat you, but only some of them.

Nevertheless, it is important to note that fraudulent providers are the exception! Most online casinos know that gamers who enjoyed the game come back again. Good customer relationships are much more profitable in the long term for online casinos than short-term profit through fraud.

How to protect yourself:

That there are these dirty tricks on some casinos on the Internet, is not up for debate. Therefore, you should always make sure that you play only with reputable providers. Find out how other players have been treated by a particular company and what the majority of players report about their strengths and weaknesses. This is exactly what we at see as our goal: We are here to provide you with the essential information about online casinos. Our ratings and reviews are based on our own experience with the various online casinos, as well as the influence of many emails we have collected from players over the years.

So if you are looking for a secure casino on the internet, just look at the list of online casinos we recommend .

There are many forums where players can get rid of their complaints against online casinos. Everyone can leave their opinion on the internet. But you should always keep in mind that the quality of these forums is extremely different. Who is moderating a specific forum? Which contributions are allowed? It often happens that in a forum self-promotion is operated, or that a reputable company is made bad by any player, because this player has not read the bonus conditions before.

In most cases, online casinos are accused of mistakes that are actually attributable to the player himself.

A detailed list of the worst online casinos is available at

If you have ever been cheated in an online casino, or felt that you have not been treated fairly, please email us so we can warn other players.


The 10 best slot machine tips

If you win online slots with a bonus code for UK Casino Games and live a high entertainment value. It's easy to win at slot machines in no deposit casinos with free money and fun that is possible without having to cram difficult rules. What you can do anything to increase their chances of winning, we tell you with the following ten tips.
Slot Tip # 1: Search for "loose" machines this casino ressource is great for finding more bonus codes

There are machines that "loose" are in fact than others. A "loose" promo codes for casinos is meant one that tends more often to pay off than others "dense" machine. This has nothing to do with superstition. In fact, the slots are programmed so that you pay different percentages of what they have taken. In a real casino, you can not know which slots are the "loose". But online casinos often advertise their payout ratio to the online slots. Here you will find machines with a payout of 95% or higher. This means that the no deposit bonus casinos offer machines pay out 95 cents of every dollar taken up. This is a very low house edge, which you should look for
Slot Tip # 2: Take advantage of comps and online casino real money wins.

Comps for online casino bonuses and loyalty bonuses for online slots are a kind of game money you receive as compensation for the house advantage of the casino. Keep your eyes open for such offers and get this! Use it whenever you can. If you play at real slots, make sure that you get a slot card you. Every machine that can offer mega millions on which you are playing use so that you always have your comps will be credited
Slot Tip No. 3: Find they progressive bonus mobile casino separately. .

When you're ready to move to mobile gambling you can link your account to your Download Casino account and play mobile pokies at your leisure on your handheld mobile device. The mobile casino connects to smartphone and tablet devices to provide a high quality, convenient experience.

Most slots available today are multi-coin machines. That means you can throw per round more than one coin. What you should do, because if you put all allowed coins you multiply your profits and take automatically participate in the progressive jackpot on the machines that offer such jackpots! These jackpots can be huge actually! Slots Fire - Feel the fever! So make sure you get your chance on it!
Slot Tip No. 4: Insert the goals and stick to it


For gambling you should set specific funds that are independent from your personal finances. Of this you should only use a small percentage for each gambling. Insert a goal, whether it's playing for X hours just for fun or to win Y dollars. Set a point where you stop! If you have lost the predetermined Z dollars at an ATM, it's time to stop!

When playing online slots, be sure to use the best online casino bonuses that you can find. This will be the difference between live casino games and an online one and if ity's free money, why would you not profit from it?

Slot Tip No. 5: Leave no slot that has just paid big

If you assume that a machine that has only just made a big payoff for some time to stop it, then you're wrong! The individual spins are purely coincidental and are based on the payout percentage on which the game is set. The machine does not know that you just paid only. To stay on such a machine and to continue playing is especially important in the live casino. Because a high payout may be an indication that you have found a "loose" machine.

If you are sitting in a real casino slot machine game and your just wants to spit out a high profit, it may happen that you need an employee of the casino to release the money. Try not now - to look for a staff - under any circumstances! Stay at your place. A light will show the staff that you need help. All you have to do is wait! Leaving the machine makes it hard to claim your prize.
Be aware of your mood: Slot Tip # 7

Slots - or any other game of chance - you should only play if you are in a good mood. This is especially true for online slots, because there is no one asking you to leave the casino when things go bad for you. If you play under the influence of too many emotions you run the risk of pushing your limit and to exhaust your funds ..
Slot Tip # 8: Know the machine you play

All the flashing symbols, numbers and colors to the modern slot machines can be confusing. Make sure that you know exactly on what type of machine (multi-line multiplier, progressive, etc.) you play and what symbols you need to win.
Slot Tip No. 9: Drag Two-Coin machines into consideration

If you would like to play for a progressive jackpot, it is but can not afford five coins per spin to invest, look for two-or three-coin machines. The help you for the progressive jackpot to qualify without having to spend much.
Slot Tip # 10: Have fun!

Slots are a game, and games should be fun. Of course it's more fun to win than to lose. But this desire should not be decisive. You should also have fun with it, once you're out of luck and do not create the hoped-for results. If you follow the above advice, you should always give pleasure the game at slots!

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