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Gambling games in Europe

The gambling industry is on the rise not only in Europe, but also worldwide - and that's not surprising. Especially since the invention of the Internet and the first online gambling platforms and casinos a big boom in the industry has been recorded. But gambling is by no means a newfangled invention! The history of this branch is already thousands of years old. The first evidence of gambling can already be found among the ancient Greeks and Romans, several hundred years BC The first location that can rightly be considered as a casino was in the 17th century in Italy. Around this time, there are also the beginnings of many still popular table games such as blackjack, roulette and a little later also poker. But these old days of primitive predecessors of today's exciting games are long gone - we have now arrived in the Internet age! And that means you can really gamble from anywhere. And for almost 15 years, thanks to live casinos, you can also combine both sides of gambling: play from home and still sit at a real table with other players! No wonder then that this industry today is worth billions of dollars.

Gambling games in Europe

But what is the situation in Europe no deposit keep what you win uk?

This question is not easy to answer. And because of various factors. For one thing, the concept of the gambling industry is very far-reaching and borders are often floating. As can be seen in the graph, here, as in most other statistics and research, various categories count to the term gambling:


This means that when you talk about gambling and the amount of money spent, the profits made, and so on, you include all four categories. Lotteries are often controlled by the state. Bets are partly state, partly private to find and include the well-known and popular sports betting. Slot machines are all those machines that are also known as slots. And of course, all casinos with all their games count towards these statistics. Different categories are popular in different countries. While Spaniards mainly play slot machines, the Italians are obviously more interested in lotteries and sweepstakes.
The hardcore gambling countries at a glance

Contrary to what many would have thought, countries like Finland and Sweden are among the biggest player nations. However, before jumping to conclusions, it should be mentioned that, of course, data collection in some European countries still leaves much to be desired, and such countries often do not appear in the top players' lists.

Nonetheless, it can be clearly seen that the highest gross gambling review is in Ireland. The gross gambling review is the value of the money used minus the profit paid out, ie what the provider earns. In Ireland, per capita, after all, proud € 279 per year.
Other countries other manners

... that also applies to online gaming. Although all these countries are located in Europe, there are still very large differences in the playing habits of different nationalities. Both in terms of the preferred game category and in terms of the intensity with which gambling is operated. This is presumably also partly influenced by legal regulations, but is probably also a sign of the different characteristics of the nations.