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BlackJack is a game of knowhow and chance against the dealer. The classic 21 game has been improved...



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Playing online slots is the best and the most profitable game an online casino can offer to it's players.



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We have taken a seat at the virtual roulette table and present our selection of the best casino games for Android.

1 Live Holdem Poker Pro

For a decent poker game on Android the free Live Holdem Poker Pro is ideally suited. The player can either play against friends or online against players from around the world. During the game, he can talk about the chat feature with them. Different free spins keep what you win no deposit modes keep offering the right game for each player.

                2 Roulette 2k10

Roulette 2k10 makes for great casino atmosphere on the Android smartphone or tablet, and sets the game of roulette adequately and with a brisk gameplay to (put chips, roulette wheel spin, etc.). The player can compare his own performance using a high-score table with those of players from around the world.

3 Slots Royale

In addition to a slot machine, the player can also turn the wheel of fortune slots at Royale. About Facebook to challenge your friends can send and compare their own performance with that of friends. Slots Royale can be downloaded for free from the Android Market.


4 Pocket Casino

The free Pocket Casino the player really has a full casino on his lotterycasino, because the game combines four casino games all: roulette, blackjack, slot machine and Unicorn race. The unicorn race works like a horse race. The player must bet on the correct winner be virtual money.